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Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information

We (web site operators) do not collect and store personally identifiable information on servers hosting this web site, except for (1) The Services Directory information and (2) Member information relating to logon credentials.

1.) Services Directory

The services directory may contain personally identifiable information. If you have concerns about specific information published in the online directory, please let us know using the web site feedback form.

All submitted Service (or Business) information will be displayed in the services directory - except email addresses. To protect your privacy, your email address will NOT be disclosed to the general public. Emails are sent using a form on this site.

2.) Member Information

Member areas are provided as needed to carry out activities relating to this site. All activies are logged and these log files may be kept for an indefinite period of time. The content in these log files will include personally identifiable information about the member using the site including the date and time they accessed the site and their IP address. These logs are kept on file for security and quality control purposes.

Forms On This Site

Forms are used on this site to facilitate communication. When these forms are submitted the information is sent via email to the person or group that is requesting this information. The submitted content is not retained on the web server. The submitted information (which includes your email address) will reside on the recipients email server or personal computer until they delete the email. If you have privacy concerns regarding submitted content, please bring this to our attention using the website feedback form.

Please do not submit sensitive information such as credit card numbers using forms on this site. Email is not secure. Form submissions on this site are forwarded by email and are therefore not secure transactions.

Your IP address is recorded when filling out a form on this site.

Privacy Concerns

We respect your right to privacy.  If you have privacy concerns regarding content published on this site, please bring this to our attention using the website feedback form.